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A chronic disease or condition has a great impact on yourself and your relationships. This is not only because of the pain and other physical discomfort experienced by the patient, but also by the (in) direct consequences for you, your environment and society.

Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian investigated which factors are important in finding happiness and fulfillment. These four subjects are necessary in order to live a fulfilled life.

How to keep up with a health and fitness routine
All about healthy eating
Working out and exercise with a chronic disease
The must of taking rest and relaxation

The impact of living with a chronically ill partner
How your children, parents and family can cope with your situation
The value of friends and acquaintances
Why social and political activities are so important

How to find motivation and satisfaction in your work / daytime activities?
The possibilities of education and personal development
The challenges in order to get promoted and achieve financial wealth
How to keep your concentration high

Awareness and vision about chronically being ill
Changing values
The importance of inner peace
Is cultural and personal development still possible?

Patientsempowerment = Patientspower = Patientscommunity

Because having a chronic (bladder) disease is heavy and can sometimes make you feel hopeless. By sharing tips and experiences you can reduce the burden of disease every day, bit by bit. Therefore, you can share and / or read everything that has do with being chronically ill. This gives you hope. So you can laugh again and feel understood. So you can live again.

If you’re reading this you probably have a (severe) chronic condition or disease. But that’s not who you are. You are not your condition. You’re a human being, a person!

On the forum and group pages you’ll learn everything about the subjects mentioned below. Feel free to share everything you know or your personal experiences, because your participation helps to build a strong and big community and can help yourself and others to again fully live life!

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Start a forum topic or comment on someone elses. Share ideas and get community feedback.

Find common interests and meet new friends in the groups. Join the ones that appeal to what you like..


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