Being discriminated for having mental and physical illnesses

I’ve seen it everywhere i look. people being discriminated for who they are, what they wear, if they are pregnant or married young. so many different reason. but, more recently, I’ve seen and heard people being discriminated for having mental and physical illnesses

It’s not our fault we are sick. we didn’t chose to have this happen to us. it just did. For me, most people when they find out i am ill, they always say one of two things,

“You don’t look sick,” or “You’re just doing this for attention.”

And that really hurts because most people think you need to have some sort of physical sign outside of your body in order to be ill.

It seems that no matter where we go, people will always judge and discriminate us between them. They always think we are different or weird. But the truth is, we are just like everyone else. We all make mistakes and we all judge people. Sometimes without even thinking.

I’ve also seen people being treated like crap because of what religion they belong to, or who they are dating. I mean, come on. it’s their life. not yours. You don’t get to decide what they do with their lives. I mean, what if someone said you couldn’t have this religion or you couldn’t date this person? You’d learn fast how to treat someone with respect.

People of today make me sigh.


Credits photo: Lauren Hammond

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