Handicap Shaming – We may not look sick but…

“We may not look sick but turn our bodies inside out and they would tell different stories.” – Wade Sutherland

This is a big issue where I live. Not just the handicapped parking spots but also just using the tools that some stores give those who are disabled.

I myself have had problems with people because I do not look disabled. One day I was in immense pain and as I tried to use the handicapped cart an employee came over and told me that I was not to use that because I am not disabled and that those are for people who really need them and that if I were to use it anyway then the manager would help me find the door to the place.

People get shamed for using their disability place cards, using the handicapped parking and using the tools for disabled people. It irritates me so much.

I am a 21 year old disabled wife and yes, I look healthy but I am so far from it. Another thing most people do not understand and are ignorant about is who the disabled person is.

Some times it is not the driver that is disabled. Yet most people wrongly assume that if they are driving that they are not disabled.

People do not always look outwardly disabled. I don’t. My disabilities are called invisible illnesses. They are not seen outside but choose to hide themselves internally.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. You remember that right? Then use it. Don’t judge someone who is disabled or needs help. You don’t know what they have gone through or how hard it was for them to use the disability place card or to use the electric carts at Walmart.

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