IC-Writers Wanted – It’s time to change protocols!

It’s time to change protocols and work harder to raise more #ICAwareness worldwide.

How can we raise more #ICAwareness?

The more we write about Interstitial Cystitis on the internet (NOT on FACEBOOK), the better Google will index IC related topics. Only via this method people will be able to find out and read more about IC.

If we only talk about IC on Facebook instead of participating on websites like IC Today, Google can’t find or index the shared information. So let’s join our forces by starting to write about IC on www.IC-Today.com.

Are you a writer and would you like to write for a good cause?

If you would like to participate in our IC community, then you are welcome to write about evering that has to do with IC. But before that, please ask yourself:

  • Do I really care about IC patients?
  • Do I want to write stories about IC?
  • Do I want to interview some IC patients?
  • Do I support and do I want to promote a holistic approach (E.g. healthy food & healthy living instead of medication)?

If you can aswer alle these questions with a “Yes”, then please let us know that you would likt to join us by posting “I am an IC-writer”  in our comment area or send your story to info@ic-today.com (contactpage).

– Thank you all for sharing this post – 

Credits photo: Thor

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Our passion is to help people with Interstitial Cystitis and other chronic conditions.
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Naomi Williams
Naomi Williams
6 jaren geleden

I am an IC writer. I have a published article on TheMighty. I write a blog. I have a change.org petition with over 1000 signatures.