Making Friends While Battling Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness is never easy. But you know what is even harder than the pain and the isolation most disabled people have daily in their lives? Trying to make friends while suffering with chronic illness.

When I first got diagnosed with my illnesses, I rarely left my house much less talked to anyone except my husband. I couldn’t face going outside and seeing all the stares, the whispers, and the rumors. So I did what I thought was my only safe option. I joined chat sites like Meetme and Skout to meet new people without having to leave my house.

For a while it was fun. I got to talk to a lot of good fun people. Then the dirty conversations and pictures started coming. This was so not how I thought it was going to go.

I ended up having to stop talking on those chat sites because of all the inappropriate conversations people wanted me to be a part of.

But when you have a chronic illness, at least for me, some of my best friends I have met through support groupsand chatting on Facebook and have never met in real life.

Trying to make friends when you have a chronic or invisible illness is way harder than most people think. When you are a ‘normal’ person making friends can be hard. But when you add in all the limitations of those who are suffering, it seems your friendlist goes down immensely. Physically and online as well.

But don’t give up hope. You can make friends. It may take time but you can make friends. And those friends are the ones that will be there forever. They may be like mine and just friends online like Facebook, but I would not trade those friends for the world.

Credits photo: Beth Scupham


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