My Simple Joys & “Must Haves” While Dealing With Chronic Illness

Dealing with a chronic illness is a very hard thing to go through. The hardest part for me of having a chronic illness is how down I feel all the time due to pain or exhaustion. It affects me to the point where there are days that I just shut everyone and everything out. Then I do what I shouldn’t. I spend hours telling myself that this illness is my fault, that it won’t ever go away so I will be trapped inside my own hell forever, and how the chronic illness ruined my life.

But I need to stop focusing on the negative aspects of my illnesses and try better to see the good things in my life, silly or not. So I made a list of all the things that I think are must haves, at least for me. I am sure your list will be different, but you should just sit for a minute and look around and see what things are a must have for you.

HeatThis is a big must have for me, especially my heating pad. There’s no denying that heat helps! It can ease the aches and pains or just provide enough comfort on rough nights. I also bath a lot more than most people because the Epsom Salts and hot water help loosen my muscles further and helps relax me.

A Comfy Bed– Some nights when I am really sore and just want to lay down there is nothing better than our super comfy bed and pillows. Even in pain just the bed and the softest pillows in the world (In my opinion) can make a world of difference as I sink into the bed and feel like I am floating on clouds. I know I am weird, its nothing new

Music Sometimes all it takes to change my mood is some great music and laying on the couch with my eyes closed.

Distractions; Silly Or Not– There is just something about spending time searching for words in a word search that just helps me. It is hard to explain but here I go. When I used to be stressed as a teenager, sitting at the table and spending hours finding words and even find some that are not in the word search gave me a good distraction from my stress. Now years later, it still helps distract me; whether its from stress, people, my moods or my pain.

Girly VanitiesWhen I feel like I just got run over by a truck, sometimes just putting makeup and nice clothes on can help with my mood and make me feel better about myself if I look good on the outside. If I am going to be chronically ill, I may as well look good while dealing with it in my life.

A Good Book- Escaping into a book probably should go under Girly Vanities because it is a distraction, but at the same time it is just fun. You get to pretend to be someone else for a while.

Games- Whether it be board games, computer games, or console games there are many reasons to play games. One, it is a distraction. Two, you can escape into a game just like you can in books.

Netflix- On those days that are just so hard to handle even getting out of bed, there is Netflix. You can sit in bed or comfy chair and get lost in crime or medical shows (My preference) and binge watch all you want at the same time you are relaxing

Ice Packs- When I push myself passed my limit, even if I don’t mean too, Ice packs are great for swelling of my arms, legs and stomach that comes with me overduing myself, even something small like walking across the parking lot to throw away trash.

Tea- I have come across yet another symptom of my diseases, but it’s hard to explain what it has to do with my conditions. I get severe nausea at random times and places. Tea helps make the nausea berable. Suprising as well as helping my naseau, it can also help me sleep. I use Sleepytime tea from Walmart and it helps relax me enough that I can get some much needed rest at night.

Laptop- I spend hours on the computer either laying in bed or sitting on our couch resting, especially if I am having a particular crappy day.

Letter Writing- I do a lot of writing and letter writing. Most of them do not get sent or kept. I use writing in any form mostly to help me deal with my conditions and my feelings. I have always used writing to help me cope and sometimes communicate with someone if I cannot find the words I need.

Cuddly Stuffed Bear- Or, in my case, A cute, adorable, cuddly Minion. Sometimes it amazes me just how much seeing a minion; either on either of their three movies or even just walking in our bedroom to see the Minion can make my day so much better. (Childish, I know. But that is just me!)

Comfy Clothes- This is probably the biggest things that is a must have. Always. Jeans and most other clothes that do not have an elastic waist make me flare which makes me swell everywhere and causes more pain on top of the already severe amount of pain I experiece every single day and may feel for the rest of my life. It never made sense to me how fabric can make me hurt way more even just by wearing them. but maybe one day it will make sense. Until then, I will continue wearing my comfy, sometimes brightly colored sweatpants everywhere I go, In public or not.

Tens Unit- If you do not know what a tens unit is, basically you attatch four sticky pads to what area of your body hurts (I usually put mine on my stomach area) and connect the pads to a little machine. This makes the pads vibrate and it helps loosen sore or hurting muscles.

So there you have it, My must haves while dealing with my illnesses.

What little things do you think are a must have for you? Comment below…

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Author: Karley Linger
My name is Karley and I am a 23 year old Chronic Illness Blogger who suffers from Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, Pelvic Floor Dyfunction, Anxiety and Depression.
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