The Dark Side of Interstitial Cystitis

My heart is heavy as I write today as I have just read about a fellow IC Warrior who lost her battle with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Desperation, hopelessness, isolation, loneliness, and despair are all things I have felt as an IC Warrior. IC takes you to dark places you never even knew existed. The piercing pain burning in your bladder is enough to make you feel like you want it all to end. As the pain during an IC flare can be so unrelenting, you just want it to stop. If even for a few seconds.

The desperation you feel after another failed treatment option and the loneliness that strikes you when you are abandoned by people you once called ‘friends’, makes you spiral down into a black hole. It causes you to shed tears of absolute sorrow. But I am one of the lucky ones. I had someone to wipe my tears and to encourage me to keep fighting through the pain. In my darkest days I had my family to carry me and, on some days, fight for me. My Dad would always tell me to “keep the chin up” and that I would be stronger because of my fight. He was right. I am stronger. In fact, IC has built an inner strength in me that I suspect would never have been released. It is a strength that can only be gained after returning from the depths of despair.

But I’m learning fast that not all IC Warriors have someone to carry them through their darkness. The Defeat IC Challenge for today was to ‘Hug and thank 5 people who continually support you through your IC’. As I am a ‘hugger’, this was the perfect challenge for me! But to think that some Warriors said that they did not have 5 people to hug is just WRONG. We need to give some hugs to our IC Warriors who are struggling. We need to shed light in their darkness by raising awareness. It’s time we stopped the suffering in silence.

This post is in honor of the IC Warrior I will never meet. Let’s not lose anymore.

Fiona McKiernan, MS, RD

IC Warrior

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My name is Fiona McKiernan and on September 1st, 2015 I proclaimed to the world that I am an “IC Warrior”.
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Terry Arnell Cantrell
5 jaren geleden

Thank you for this important & loving post.

Lorraine Silvers
Lorraine Silvers
4 jaren geleden

I appreciate this dead-on post. There are many others who have been abandoned because the pain is so front and central. I have lost everything.

3 jaren geleden

Thank you. There have been many days that I chose not to just take a bottle of tylenol becauseI cant bear to break my kids hearts. Days I have fantasized about taking a scalpel and cutting out my bladder because it is unrelentless. I have had this 23 years now. And really see no end. I have eliminated every food tried hundreds of medicines and supplements, had surgerys, prayed, acupunctured, pft, et cetera. Ive participated in clinical trials. Someday I hope there is a test and treatment that works, because I see so many who are hopeless and have nothing… Lees verder »

Katrina Ward
Katrina Ward
2 jaren geleden

Prayers to us all

Katrina Ward
Katrina Ward
2 jaren geleden

Prayers for us all