Things I Have Learned Since Being Diagnosed

Hey everyone! I thought this would be a good post for all of you. Below are all the things I have learned since being diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor.

  1. This Illness Is Not My Fault.

I did nothing to cause this. At the time of being diagnosed I spent weeks thinking if only had drank more water or exercised more that this would not have happened to me. But I know now that it was building for a very long time and just happened to come out at that time.

  1. I Am Not A Burden. 

My friends and family are very understanding through all of this. They taught me that being sick is not a burden. That things like this just happen and with support and encouragement I can make it through this tough time in my life.

  1. Blogging And Netflix Are Great Comforts.

Over the past four years I have learned how to cope with my illness using many things like heating pads, ice packs etc. But my greatest comfort is either blogging or just writing what is on my mind and Netflix. When I am hurting badly and cannot do much, I turn on Netflix and I can escape my worries for a while.

  1. Having Something To Do During The Day Is A Great Motivation To Get Out Of Bed.

It took me a while to get this in my head but on days like today, I feel like I finally did something awesome. I got up and went walking as well as going shopping. Baby steps.

  1. Music Helps Too.

I have spent so many hours listening to music either in a loop or songs by a related artist. Music seems to calm me down so much and helps me escape the world for a few minutes each song.

Credits photo: Максим Барбухин

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